Optimize your logistics processes

Save time with Sigscan, the indispensable solution for your hospitals' logistics.

parc d'outils optimisés


une localisation rapide des outils

Logistics flow monitoring

une centralisation des données de vos outils

Laundry management

If you are one of those who...

Want to make inventory-taking easier Want to implement linen traceability Want to improve logistics platform management

SIGSCAN is the solution for you!

Gain in effectiveness, efficiency, reliability and traceability thanks to our functionalities developed specifically for healthcare!

Inventory management made easy with RFID technology

Equip yourself with a high-performance, easy-to-implement inventory solution.

Equipment inventories

List all types of equipment in your facility (DM, nonmedical equipment, IT equipment). Transfer the updated inventory to your business software.

Furniture inventory

Thanks to Sigscan Inventory, you can keep track of fixed assets throughout the hospital. In this way, you can increase the value of your assets.

Inventory and consumables management

Prevent stock-outs! Be alerted when low stock levels are reached.

Improve your linen management with RFID inventories

Keep track of the linen in your hospital, clinic or care center. Sigscan facilitates inventories for hotel linen and professional clothing.

Simplified control processes

Once the RFID tag has been sewn or ironed into the linen, you can track its progress.

Reduce loss and theft

Avoid unnecessary repurchases of linen by controlling their return trips between the laundry and the linen room.

Measure wash cycles

Check the number of washes for each linen to ensure compliance with protocols and life cycles.

Flow and delivery management

Automate logistics flows with a real-time location solution.

Inter-site tracking and delivery

Use Sigscan to track equipment between remote sites. Ensure that deliveries run smoothly on a daily basis, from logistics platforms to care departments.

Automate delivery declarations

From the real-time position, display the status of your equipment deliveries: arrival at destination, in progress, routing problems...

Digitalize information

Use electronic displays to facilitate data communication between agents. Updates are automatic and linked to your business software.

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