Accurately locate your equipment with precision

With Sigscan, track the positions of your equipment and improve your teams' working conditions.

gain de temps

Significant time savings

gestion des flux

Better material flow equipment

mutualisation des informations

Sharing equipment

détection des anomalies

Anticipate and detecting anomalies

If you're one of those people who...

Spend hours searching for materials on a daily basis Lack visibility on DM use and distribution Want to contribute to digital continuity

SIGSCAN is the solution you need!

Gain in responsiveness, efficiency and traceability thanks to our functionalities developed specifically for healthcare.

Keep track of all your medical equipment

Don't waste any more time or your equipment. Go digital in-house.
  • Improve working conditions for your biomedical department, healthcare managers and health professionals.
  • Anticipate medical device renewals by measuring equipment usage rates.
  • Centralize monitoring data on a single digital platform.

Track movements in real time

Material management is a major issue in the healthcare sector. Sigscan makes it easy.

Suivi de la production en temps réel

View the position of your equipment live

Thanks to an interactive map, you can visualize your buildings, see the position of each piece of equipment, and track their movements in real time.

gain de temps

Visibility into all wards

From a smartphone or PC, consult all your equipment data


Track equipment movements

Use Sigscan historical data to trace DM movements and time spent by functional unit.

Stay informed with personalized indicators

Improve equipment management with indoor tracking

Manage preventive maintenance phases

Link up with your CMMS to guarantee deadlines and anticipate preventive and corrective maintenance phases.

Be alerted and notified in the event of equipment theft

Set your alert criteria and be notified by e-mail or directly on the Sigscan application as soon as one of your devices leaves the hospital.

Keep a constant eye on your equipment availability

Get a global view of medical device availability in real time, thanks to customized settings.

Centralize your data in your CMMS system

Optimize your work processes through efficient information flow

Centralize your data on a dedicated platform

Sigscan connects to your CMMS software to consolidate and secure your data.

Reliable data quality

Thanks to interoperability, none of your data displayed in the Sigscan application will be erroneous.

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