Secure your patients with an anti-fugue system

Ensure the safety of at-risk patients and alert staff in real time

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If you are one of those who...

Want to ensure the safety of your at-risk patients Want to alert staff as quickly as possible Want to optimize patient management

SIGSCAN is the solution for you!

Gain in responsiveness, efficiency, reliability and traceability thanks to our functionalities developed specifically for healthcare!

Equip your patients with connected bracelets

Sigscan's connected bracelets are directly adapted to care centers.
  • An anti-tear system to prevent loss of patient monitoring

  • Long autonomy for continuous monitoring throughout hospitalization
  • Bracelets can be reused to save money

Be alerted if a patient runs away

Secure the stays of your at-risk patients (Alzheimer’s, mentally handicapped, etc…) and prevent infant theft.

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Alert nursing staff

thanks to our real-time alert system, you can receive an e-mail, SMS, or call on your DECT and take urgent action.

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Ensure rapid follow-up with simple, adaptable installation

Secure patients from the moment they enter the hospital with a simple connected wristband.

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Reassure patient families

With this safety system, you can ensure the peace of mind of your patients' families.

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