SIGSCAN features

Discover how Sigscan will improve the quality of life and working conditions of healthcare staff professionals. 


Real-time positioning

Track your medical devices anywhere and anytime

Suivi des objets

Keep track of every move

The SIGSCAN solution gives you access to a history of positions and distribution by hospital ward.

gain de temps

Save time

Don't waste time searching for your medical devices. After associating a device with a tag, SIGSCAN automatically locates it in real time.


Save money

Find equipment already present in your departments and share it between caregivers.

Alerts and notifications

Be alerted and notified in real time

Alertes et notifications
suivi déplacement et outil

Track every move of your devices

Receive SMS or e-mail notification of your most critical equipment.

détection retards

Detect underutilization of devices

Be alerted in case of prolonged non-use of a medical device.


Ensure the conformity of your equipment

Be alerted when maintenance dates are approaching.

Indicators and dashboards

View your information in a customized dashboard

suivi sur un tableau de bord
  • Access your information from all you devices, wherever you are.
  • Manage positions, emergencies and equipment searches.
  • Organize your dashboard.

    Stocks and inventories

    Automate your inventories

    • Associate our RFID tags with your objects for fast inventories.
    • Count your real estate assets
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    Mobile interface

    Use an interface adapted for
    health professionals on mobile devices


    Instant scan

    Easily associate and disassociate a tag with an object.


    Search in the last few meters

    Find objects in the close proximity.

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