The SIGSCAN solution


Indoor positioning:
where GPS can’t reach

Indoor tracking is a technique for locating objects in care facilities, such as hospitals clinics and nursing homes, where GPS reception is not possible.

SIGSCAN is an indoor Real Time Location System (RTLS) tool specially designed for the needs of care facilities, with an innovative approach:


    • A user experience tailored to health professionals.
    • Fast installation
    • Easy parameterization
    • Fast ROI

How it works:

Sigscan is an indoor positioning system solution for tracking medical devices in one or more buildings. 


We select the most appropriate technologies on the market to support your needs

  • Tags sizes perfectly adapated to all your uses
  • Long autonomy (minimum 5 years)
  • Proven technologies (Bluetooth/RFID)
  • Prices adapted to demand

Bluetooth technology

SIGSCAN relies on widespread technologies such as Bluetooth low energy technology (BLE).

Our tags are geolocation systems: they come in a variety of formats. They are autonomous, run on batteries (depending on the model) and have a battery life of up to 15 years, depending on use.

The receivers we install in your buildings calculate the tag positions and send them by WI-FI or Ethernet to the Sigscan server installed locally in your buildings or on the cloud. The receivers cover areas of up to 50 meters.

Thanks to our Mobile and Web applications, you can view the position of your objects or the patient, receive alerts and even extract historical data.

Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) RFID technology

Passifs RFID tags

Stick each tag on your objects to collect programmed data.

Portable of fixed RFID readers

Use a fixed RFID reader for automated inventory, or a portable reader for mobile inventory.

SIGSCAN software interface 

With a Sigscan license, you can also access RFID functionality.

A PC interface

Track your production or tools in real time from a Web browser.

Manage search times, care paths, inventories, or simply find the items you’re looking for. Customize your dashboard to track your indicators, get an overview of your activities or your equipment.

In your department, view the position of your devices, usage rates etc…


 A mobile interface

  • Portability – Mobility
    Designed for use by healthcare professionals on smartphones or tablets.
  • Scanner
    Associate and dissociate a tag with an object.
  • Search for an object
    Locate your medical devices and/or patients by department

Maintenance Management Software Connection

Thanks to its connector, Sigscan connects to your CMMS, whether to import or export data:


  • View objects positions directly in your management software
  • Download data from your software tools for use by Sigscan
  • Import positions and utilization rates into your CMMS
  • Export movement history